Finding Your Inspiration a Series-one

Finding Your Inspiration in Journaling

“if you don't have peace, it isn't because someone took it from you; you gave it away. You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you.”

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk to you about finding inspiration. Sometimes it’s hard to get going and stay motivated throughout the day. How you start your day has a big role to play in keeping the momentum going. For the most part, if your day starts out good it stays good, and vice versa. I like to start the day out by journaling. Journaling helps keep me in a positive mindset. But what is journaling exactly?

Well, the exact definition is: a daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.

That being said I think a journal is much more than that. It’s a way to focus your thoughts, plans, and goals. A journal also helps a person stay focused on the positive side of life. One way to find inspiration throughout the day is to be grateful. By writing down 3-4 things you’re grateful for you subconsciously train yourself to focus on what you have and how it can help you. There’s no point in worrying about things you don’t have or can’t control. Doing so is a waste of your energy and time. And it only hurts you in the long run. 

Another quick way to find your inspiration is to read inspirational quotes. I know that sounds cheesy and like a motivational school announcement but, it really works! The journal that I’m using right now has a daily quote. I think combining the two is a good route to go. However, if you don’t like journaling it’s really simple to create positivity in your day-to-day tasks. How long do you spend on social media a day? Follow an inspirational quotes account. Start a new board on Pinterest. Join a growth group. It’s that simple! If you are someone who tends to stay away from social media then download a daily inspiration app. Don’t like using the internet? Buy a self-improvement book. 


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