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The Importance of Off-ice

What is off-ice and why is it important in skating? Well off-ice is a form of figure skating training. Like the name suggests it is off the ice, and consists of various different exercises, yoga, and other moves. The purpose is to improve your skating on a daily or by daily basis. Doing off-ice gives you a huge advantage, especially recently due to Covid-19. It allows skaters to keep up the practice even without ice time. Elite skaters train 6 days a week for hours at a time, skating, dancing, and conditioning. All this work is put into a program that lasts less than 5 minutes and to become a better figure skater over all. Off-ice usually takes up 1-2 hours of a professionals training time. Professionals do this because it helps increase their balance, strength, and gracefulness on the ice. 

By doing off-ice at least twice a week a skater can improve their on ice skating at a faster pace. Some skaters have cut their growth time down by almost half just from doing off-ice training. How much do you train off-ice? How could you improve your off-ice? If you don’t do off-ice training what should you start with? What’s your worst aspect in skating (abs, arm control, balance, ect.) and what are you going to do to improve it?

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