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Finding Your Inspiration a Series-three

This post is about books. I know some of you are groaning and hoping I don’t say to go read. However, that’s exactly what I’m going to say! Try to hear me out for a moment. Reading can have HUGE advantages, especially reading self-growth or leadership books. Doing so makes your overall living more comfortable and mentally healthy.

I used to hate reading anything other than fantasy novels. Only in my sophomore year of high school did I really start to have an interest in self-improvement books…..only I wasn’t interested in the books themselves. But rather the money to be gained. My father is someone who really enjoys John Maxwell’s books. Like a lot. He was always encouraging me to read his books and other authors like Dave Ramsey. I honestly didn’t see any worth or potential in reading them. However, then my father said he’d pay me $20 for reading and reporting on a book of his choice. I began with John Maxwell’s book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”. I learned a lot from it and I actually enjoyed it! Not only did I begin to understand myself and how growth works but I found myself Inspired. Right around this time is when I decided I wanted to actually figure skate competitively, not just for recreation. When I was able to understand how I thought and figure out how I grow the best I started learning faster. I was inspired to do my best and I did. I created an off-ice schedule for myself. I started skating for longer and more days. And I started pushing myself to improve.

The thing is when we do our absolute best and set expectations for ourselves we can make those expectations perfectly. The only thing that holds people back is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of how others will see you. Sometimes even fear of success.

  • Now I’m not offering money as my dad did but I am offering my advice. Reading these kinds of books can change your life. I know mentally I grew a lot from when I first started reading to now, and I’m still growing. I hope you can find value in reading too.

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