Learning to Seize Your Opportunities

-If you don't see any opportunities in front of you... make some. -A person makes the CHOICE to have an opportunity. -Bigger achievements will require a bigger sacrifice.

Hey, guys! What opportunities have you had recently? Did you take advantage of them? or leave them be? Recently, I’ve had great opportunities. One in particular I want to share with you. I got the chance to skate really early in the morning, when no one was there. Now this might sound like I just got lucky, but if I didn’t make it happen, if I didn’t seize the opportunity it wouldn’t have happened. Or at lease been as productive of a session as it was. My point in sharing this with you is to show you that an opportunity is only as good as you create it to be. Most people say they don’t have a lot of opportunities or chances. And that is probably true for them in most cases. This is because opportunities don’t just come by. They don’t just appear to someone in need. They are made. A person makes the CHOICE to have an opportunity. Not to say sometimes one just falls in your lap, but 9/10 times that doesn’t happen.

If you don’t see any opportunities in front of you… make some.

I am going to warn you though. Each opportunity requires sacrifice. Whether your sacrificing money, time, or something else each time a person grows, moves forward, or seizes their opportunity in costs something. For skaters it almost always both. Figure skaters who want to go pro will have to sacrifice time, money, energy, and almost everything time consuming. Like hanging out with friends a lot or other sports. If you want to go pro then work for it, put your energy into it. Anything you want to achieve will require sacrifice. Knowing that all you have to do is evaluate if the reward you’ll get is worth the sacrifice. Bigger achievements will require bigger sacrifices.

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