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What’s the Main Difference Between Good Skaters and Great Skaters?

Shine as bright as the stars

Hey guys! Have you ever wondered what separates the greats from the just good skaters? I have. The difference between them is attitude. I’m not saying attitude solves everything, and if you just believe it’ll happen. But your attitude is the difference maker it’s what gives you the advantage and helps give you your edge. It sets you apart from others, whether in a good or bad way is your decision. But a person with a good attitude will always accomplish more than one with a bad attitude. Why? It’s simple, they believed in their hard work while the other complained in it. Go seize your day and remember to try to have a good attitude!!!

(I’ve started creating podcast episodes again sense it’s the last week of school. Down bellow is the most recent one, go check them all out on Spotify if you haven’t yet!)

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