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Fueling Your Passion/Why Is It Important To Do So?

Hey guys! Todays blog post is about fueling your passion… As you probably already read the title. But what does fueling your passion mean in the first place? Well first off you need to know what your passion is, then enjoy the bliss and fun parts of it. For Skaters I think we often forget why we started or why we love skating. Once you lose your why for doing something it becomes a job and is no longer enjoyable. A passion can come and go. It’s based off your emotions, which change and that’s okay. However, if you want to keep your passion you have to feed it. For me personally I do so by having a “fun” day¬† to skate each week. This is where I go skate for an hour or so and just do what I want. I practice what I need to but don’t put pressure on myself to get it perfect or correct. On this day I just focus on the fact that I’m lucky to be skating at all and that it makes me happy. I don’t obsess over fixing mistakes or being correct, if I get frustrated I just move on to something else. By consistently re-falling in love with the ice like this it’s easy to keep my passion at its highest. Each person has different emotions and different things that motivate them. Therefor, we all need to find our own ways to feed our passion. They might be similar solutions but how you think about it will be different from someone else’s point of view. Try finding what works for you. Experiment with it. If your favorite thing is footwork then do that for a while and reset your mindset. If it’s spins do that. If it’s dance, jumps, moves in the field, or figures do the same.

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