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Hey guys! Todays post is another personal blog… I recently have been struggling with being positive. So I started reflecting on events that really gave me a hard time. And this is what I noticed, I stopped reading self-improvement books. Which help me be more aware of my actions and myself. Secondly, I stopped intentionally journaling. What I mean by this is I still journaled but almost on auto pilot. So what did I do to get those positive influences back in my life? I changed my schedule. Instead of journaling right away when I get up I now eat and get ready first. By doing so it’s made me focus on my activities more. Thus, making my time more intentional and focused.

Happy ever after….kind of. I still have to work on this constantly and improve. However, I identified the problem and am working to fix it. A persons attempts say a lot about them even if it’s a failure the first few times. Can’t wait to share my progress with you on my next personal blog post!!! :))

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