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Show Time! – pb

Hey guys! Welcome to another personal blog post. I decided instead of just saying personal blog post as the title I’d give them more creative titles and just ad -pb (standing for a personal blog) at the end.

Anyway, this last month has been exciting for me. I’ve been refining my routine down to perform it in a show this weekend. It’ll be the first performance I’ve done in a long time! I am slightly nervous but more enthusiastic about finally showing people what I can do. With all this being said I haven’t practiced much other than my routine and what’s in it. So I haven’t gotten a lot of content to post on my socials recently. I love my routine this year but I can’t wait to focus on more than my choreography. Throughout the learning process of my routine this year I’ve learned a lot. I’ve slowly figured out how to be more artistic with my movements and not just focus on the elements and precision. I am super excited to show that off to my parents and friends this weekend! The next pb I post will probably be a reflection/ review of the show and how it went. So make sure to check-in at the end of the week and see how I did! There’s probably going to be a recording of my performance attached 😉

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