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What is Achievement?

Hey guys!! I want to address today what achievement and productivity really are. Most of you if not all of you have pre-conceived notions of what these words mean. However, I want you to try and read this with those ideas on the back burner. Achievement means different things to different people.

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With that being said it has one foundational aspect that every person understands. To achieve something you first have to get productive. But this next part is where people go astray. Productivity isn’t just getting something done. Real productivity is doing something that creates a stepping stone to your goal or what you want to achieve. A lot of people sadly just do a lot of things that don’t add up to anything. Most people try to create a beautiful garden without planning for the future. They just keep raking and clearing weeds instead of planting seeds. Keeping them where they are with no progress. 

Be productive results in progress. If you aren’t seeing progress in what your doing, are you really being productive? Do you have a plan or system you’re following?

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