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5 Simple Ways To Get Inspired

Hey guys, welcome! Today I’m just going to give you guys a list of 5 ways to get inspired. And a description of why it works. I did a mini-series on inspiration when I first started blogging, but it’s been a while since then so I figured I’d re-visit the subject. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Read a Book

Obviously, reading has many advantages. Not only does it help stimulate the mind and enhance one’s understanding of grammar, but it teaches us new things. Self-betterment, business, and leadership books are especially good for learning. By reading a book like this, it will help you learn about yourself. As well as, how to be the kind of person you want to be. Reading a book is a good way to find your flaws and strengths, as well as get inspired to change. 

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2. Listen to Music
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  What we listen to has a huge impact on how we feel, act, and view the world. Music is one of those things we have around us constantly. So it tends to impact us a lot. Hearing a negative message, again and again, can cause us to subconsciously believe it. If you realize you need a change in music I recommend listening to Lo-fi when you’re doing mindful activities. Like studying, reading, working out, ect. 

3. Listen to Podcasts

Like with music, you are what you listen to. Pick a few positive or informational podcasts to listen to and fit them into your daily routine. For me, I get up open the blinds, and turn on whichever podcast I’m currently on. Then I listen to it while I get ready for the day (shower, wash face, get dressed, etc.). Next, I journal quickly and move on. This helps me get in a good headspace to start the day and makes me use my brain and critical thinking skills. I find that I’m more awake after listening to an episode. (also if you’re not aware I have a podcast 😉 you should try it!)

4. Watch Videos

Watch videos of what you want to do. Want to be a personal trainer? Watch videos on how to do that. Want to be a pro-figure skater? Watch videos of the current pros skating. Want to be a public speaker? Same thing. Watch videos. We’re lucky enough to live in a pretty technologically advanced time. There’s plenty of information out there you just have to look for it.

5. Read Quotes

Reading the words of previous successes can be extremely inspirational. They are short, easy, and can be read anywhere. Follow a quotes account on social media or download a daily quote app. it’s that simple. Learn from others’ experiences and words while being inspired to do your best.


Comment what you think and share if you enjoyed! Have a lovely day!!! <3

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