The Best Figure Skating Gear off Amazon

Figure Skating is a very tough sport. You fall a lot and get banged up. It’s very important to have the right gear and protect yourself from serious injury. That being said it’s clearly important to have a decent recovery after a good skate. Muscle recovery is a key component to improvement. If you are able to recover faster and stay in top shape then you can utilize your skating practice much more effectively. Protecting yourself on the ice is also crucial. Bellow is a list (with links) of really useful gear off amazon. Just click and hit order! I personally use my roller stick ALL the time. It’s such a lifesaver with reducing soreness and helping warm up before stretching or skating. I have an orange one (as above lol) but the one I linked is the same brand just a different version! As for butt pads I highly recommend getting some asap if you don’t have any already. I have a friend who broke their tale bone while skating, and it took a long time to recover enough to go skating again. Butt pads help prevent injury like this. There are more products a figure skater needs but these are the basic tools almost everyone has. I’ll make another post about more products like dresses, tights, jackets, stretch ropes, and ect. But for now I believe these are the most important.

If you don’t know what some of these are or how to use them. There’s a YouTube video on my channel about what products I use and what’s in my skating bag. I hope you found this list helpful. If you have any additional questions or comments you can leave them bellow in the comments section or email me!

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