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Take A Break! – Rest, Recover and De-stress

Hey guys! Todays topic is on rest. It is totally okay to take a break. In fact, I’d actually argue that it’s absolutely necessary to take a break. A lot of books and success coaches talk about using more effort, time, and having a great attitude to succeed. While that is true, I believe that stepping back for a moment can actually benefit you more than continually pushing forward. I’m not saying to completely stop in your tracks, but just like how an athlete needs a rest day to recover and be in better shape for an upcoming practice, we need one for our brains, soul, and body. 

Clearly, as a skater you should know that you can’t constantly practice or you’ll eventually over exert yourself and can get hurt…badly. Likewise, taking a break mentally is important. If you constantly work and think and frustrate yourself you will get burnt-out. I’ve mentioned before that I have a “relaxing” day for skating. It’s just a day each week (Saturdays) that I go and skate for fun. I practice whatever I want. If I start getting frustrated I just move on. I skate to music I like an de-stress. During this time I’ve noticed that by not intentionally trying to figure everything out I gain a new perspective and sometimes can nail that spin I’ve been trying, or that footwork sequence, or whatever it is. This has shown me that stepping back allows us to gain new perspective and re-gain our energy. What I mean by re-gain our energy is simple. In a previous post I’ve mentioned the importance of fueling your passion. (go read that one for more information!) Re-gaining our energy is the same thing. If you hate what your doing you lose motivation and energy to do it. How many times have you failed at something until you decided you actually enjoyed and wanted to do it? Taking a break to rest can remind you of how much you love what your doing. As well as give you time to recover. Make sure you take a break every once in awhile!

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