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What Makes A Figure Skater?

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk a little about what makes a figure skater a figure skater. Is it age? Talent? How long they’ve been skating? What skates they wear? No, it’s none of these things. All of the above are heavily focused on in skating, and honestly they shouldn’t be. To an extent these matter when assessing your goals, progress, and health. However, NONE of these things make a figure skater. The definition of a figure skater is, “someone who is practicing a type of ice skating, characterized by the performance of various jumps, spins, and dance movements and formerly by the tracing of prescribed figures.” After reading this definition, I would argue that this does not define a figure skater either. So what defines a figure skater?

Attitude and mentality is what makes a figure skater.

Why is that? Attitude and mentality is what makes a figure skater a real figure skater. I say this because if you do not have a positive mentality and disciplined attitude as a figure skater you can’t continue on the path of improvement you want. Our bodies are strong and magnificent. But our brains control everything. If I were to mentality shut down and continue practicing I would also shut down my built momentum and progress. By not being disciplined and doing what I have to to achieve my goal causes me to not have the pleasure of pushing through and reaching my goals. Plus I will take 3x as much time to achieve anything at all. On top of this, if you have a negative mentality than progress will be nearly stopped. Negativity = slow action. If  I don’t want to write a blog than it’ll take me forever and I will hate the whole process. Verse, If I have a great thought I want to share and am excited to write it out I’ll get it done fast and enjoy the process. I have to positively view what I’m doing in order to gain massive momentum and progress. Whether I just view that ab workout and physical preparation, or school as character building, or whatever I’m faced with I find a positive reason to push forward. And you should too because this resilience is what makes a figure skater. Positively following through on your workouts, stretches, moves, and other elements. Falling again and again with a disciplined attitude in order to land that jump. That is what makes a figure skater. 

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