How Do You Fight The Enemy?

Really quickly, before we get started, if you haven’t read the previous blog post go do that first. This is a continuation of that one, so in order to better understand this post it’s probably best to view the other one ( Who is the enemy? ). 

Now lets get started! Who is the enemy? Well as discussed in the last post, it’s your ego. But how do you fight an enemy you can’t see? How do you monitor and control your ego? There are three basic ways to do this.

  1. Be present and in the moment
  2. Be humble and realistic
  3. Be active and sincere

In the last blog post I briefly touched on number one. It’s a very simple and straight forward point, but I think a lot of people struggle with this the most. Live in the present. Living in the past brings about depression and regret. Living in the future creates anxiety and unease. Although we need to think and prepare for our future, while learning from our past, living in it is very different. In order to control your ego you need to monitor what you spend your time thinking about. If you quickly reflect on your thoughts and find that you’ve been too focused on past success or failure then remember that THAT IS THE PAST. It can’t help you very much now, learn from what you did and move on to whatever is next. If you reflect and find the opposite is true, and you’re stuck in the future remember this, the future can change based on your work today. Worry about what you do today and your goals for the moment. If you do that and continue to focus on being your best self in the moment then everything will eventually be okay.

Another way to combat your ego is to be humble and check your reality. What I mean by this is, make sure you view a realistic reality. Not one that is distorted by bad thoughts and beliefs in your head. In order to do this you have to be open to new beliefs and ideas. Be humble and realistic about your success and goals. Here’s some questions to ask yourself to see if you’re being realistic or not. How did you achieve success or not? Who helped you? How much effort did you put in, and could there have been more? Was it luck or hard work? There are more questions you could ask yourself like this, but I hope these few help get you started. 

The third way to curd your ego is to be active and sincere. That may sound weird but let me explain. In order to keep your ego to a minimum you have to continuously take care of it and monitor it’s growth or reduction. This is the active part. Pretty straight forward and simple right? Well the next part is where it gets interesting. Be sincere in your growth and ego. This simply put means don’t be fake. Don’t just be humble and present on the outside. Be truthful about your progress and growth don’t hide if your struggling with your ego. Be sincere about what you want, and who you are currently. I’m not saying don’t change or say whatever you’re thinking. Clearly, some things shouldn’t be said outload and not changing is a bad thing. (I’ve written on these before) But also don’t hide behind a fake good attitude. If you’re upset recognize it and try to fix it and move on. Doing this will help you grow in a positive direction probably more so than any of the other points I’ve made.

I hope this helps and made sense. If you have any questions or comments comment down below or Email me at [email protected] Enjoy your day!

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