New Goals and Why They’re Important To Have

Hey guys! Welcome back, with only a few days left tell Christmas I wanted to share my goals and plans for the upcoming year. As well as talk about the reasons why making new goals is important. One of those reasons is that goal setting gives you a direction and purpose. Bill Copeland once said, “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” Often times we end up hurdling as fast as we can through life just wanting that big “goal”, but with no direction or goal to score in we can’t move forward. We keep jumping around from obstacle to obstacle not knowing where to go. Creating and maintaining a goal gives us a direction. It makes us push forward towards an outcome we otherwise might’ve missed. 

By completing a goal and following through on our promises to ourselves we grow our confidence and ability to believe in ourselves. Lets face it, not following through on our goals hurts our confidence, self-trust, and pride. And we need at least self-trust to be successful. If another person made a promise to you but never followed through, would you be hurt? What if it happened again and again and again? Most of us would distrust that person and never believe their promises. It subconsciously is the same when you do this to yourself. You start to doubt your ability to follow through or complete a task. Then you fail goal after goal. After that it’s very easy for someone to begin to show self-hatred. ( If you are currently caught in this cycle stay tuned, I’m in the process of making a video about beginning to trust and love yourself again. ) 

The last reason I’ll mention today on why goal setting is important, is because is tracks our milestones. By setting goals and resetting goals once they’re reached we turn an incredibly hard achievement into easier bite sized ones. This gives us a less overwhelming outlook on our dreams. Thus giving us a better chance at achieving them. Having a dream/plan for life is a goal in and of itself but sometimes they seem to huge to swallow. Smaller bites makes it easier to digest and finish.

Now I said I’d share my goals with you today as well! I will upload them as a video to YouTube and I went more in depth into why I picked these as my goals in that video. You can check it out on my channel, just click the YouTube icon bellow. But here is an overlook of my goals for 2022.

One is to past 3-6 moves in the field tests and gain a better understanding of how to move and skate powerfully on the ice. 

Another is to land my axel on Ice (Hopefully before 2022, but definitely want it solid and consistent in 2022) and two or three doubles

I also plan on finishing the school year well and graduating 🙂

In addition to these I want to be eligible to become a skating coach and achieve a consistent income. Weather through skating or not.

These are my top goals currently. They might change or be improved upon but as of today this is what I plan to accomplish next year. If you want a more in depth explanation definitely go watch my YouTube video. And if you haven’t visited my Instagram I would suggest you do that so you can see my progress and improvements. Plus other content like this.

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