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Yoga & Why I Do It

Hey guys! Today’s topic is yoga and why I do it. I know this topic can sound cheesy and like you’re playing 80s music while wearing a leotard. However, I think yoga is a great asset for health and for skating. Yoga has plenty of positive effects that you should be taking advantage of.

 Yoga can improve overall strength, balance, and flexibility. As a figure skater we need all of these qualities, which really makes yoga a great tool for us to use. But it gets better! Yoga also helps with pain relief and recovering from a hard workout or practice.

When combined with other recovery techniques yoga can really improve your recovery time. Meaning you can skate more frequently and easier. The less tired you are for practice the better. You need to focus and physically strain your body during practice so being well rested and well recovered helps a lot. I personally enjoy yoga. At first it was hard to get into and felt weird. But after a while I found it really beneficial. My body was more toned, I was less sore, and it helped me relax and sleep better. Which is something I personally struggle with.

A lot of powerful skaters are also quite flexible and have great balance. Alina Zagitova, Mariah Bell, and Karen Chen. Flexibility is crucial to skating. Yoga can help you achieve a beautiful spiral like Karen’s. So, do you utilizing Yoga in your training?

Let me know in the comments if you do yoga! Or if you have any comments, concerns, or questions.

Come do Some yoga with me!

Stretch With Me / 13 min. Yoga Flow | Vlog

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    1. I think I get the gist but I’m a little confused. Could you possibly re-word this for me? Maybe explain more specifically your thoughts on this? I’d really appreciate it!

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