Be A Star Show Program & Review 22′ – PB

Hey guys! This show honestly gives me mixed feelings. I had a ton of fun and appreciated the experience. However, it was kind of stressful and exhausting. Unfortunately, during this show, I let my negative thoughts and stress from earlier in the week influence my performance. I fell and ended up being super mad at myself, but it was still a good experience. My friends and family were there for me and I got to re-learn how important reframing my thoughts are. I learned how to better handle nerves through this show and I appreciate that… 

but it still wasn’t my favorite performance. I really liked my program this time and was disappointed that I couldn’t accurately show what I could do, and what I’ve accomplished thus far. I can’t wait to better show this next time! If you want to watch my routine I linked it down below along with a video discussion on my routine that goes more in-depth on my thoughts.

Pictures From The Show

Click on them to view up close!

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