An Intro To New Beginnings

New beginnings are all around us!

We are constantly surrounded by new beginnings and chances to start again. I know I personally have had quite a few recently. The major one being I graduated high school! I’m so excited to start the next part of my life, whatever it may be. Starting again can be fun and motivating. It gives you a sort of thrill with the relief of letting go. It’s almost like hitting the reset button on a game and having all your lives back. Except, in real life, you get to keep your progress! But new beginnings aren’t always easy or kind. Sometimes we get new beginnings through a fight, heartbreak, crushed opportunity, past traumas, or maybe even the loss of a pet. That’s okay as Nido R Qubein says…

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

You have so much potential waiting to be grasped, and so many opportunities to start over. Just like in figure skating when you fall, you get up and try again. Because you understand that if you don’t you’ll never learn that element properly. So, take each fall, failure, and even success as a chance to learn and begin again. Whether that’s the next step in your process or something entirely new. 

That’s what this new series is all about. Here’s a quick guide to the topics we’ll we covering!

  • How to pause and start over – restarting a bad practice session, re-learning an element, mental restart
  • The mindset needed to begin something new – avoiding anxiety with new things, what to do after anxiety takes control
  • Begin something new/Why learning new skills is important – try learning new skills here’s why, how to better learn & pay attention, the art of being a noob
  • BONUS: PB on my recent “new beginnings” & past experiences

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