New Beginnings- Mindset practice: avoiding anxiety & turning the story around when it happens

Hey guys! Welcome to the 4th blog in this series. We’ve already talked about how to have a good new beginning and restart with minimal issues. But what if you’ve already begun the process and got stuck holding on to past emotions and grabbed by anxieties and worries of the future?

“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.”

Dr Roopleen

Unfortunately it’s very easy to do this, and it happens a lot. We all have worries and issues in our lives, we all have insecurities and struggle with something. We are human after all. So when you get stuck what do you do? If you’re already in anxieties grip how do you escape? How do we flip the script? The two reasons in the last post still stand: look objectively at your thoughts and reframe, and pray to God. However, once your in the midst of it you can also try to turn it around with love.

“Kindness diminishes anxiety, and love quiets fear.” – Unknown

Simply be kind to yourself. Have patience and love what you’ve accomplished so far. We aren’t perfect but we can still be good people. Love who you are and how you’ve become that person. You need to realize how strong you are, how kind, and how many people are around you who believe in you. Anxiety starts with doubt. Get rid of it and the anxiety will slowly shrink too. 

Obviously, If you don’t believe you’re a good person or strong, think about why that is. If you evaluate and you find you’re not then start there, work on becoming a better person. That being said, most of us don’t want to purposefully harm others without cause. Most of us believe we’re bad people when we’re not. I encourage you to look  through your thoughts and past actions, are you really a bad person? Or do you just think you are? Have you acted like a bad person only because you felt that was who you were, or did you actually want to act that way? After asking these questions choose where you want to go from there. Become the kind of person you want to be, and show up as them. Believing in yourself and knowing who you are immensely helps fight anxiety. If you are confident and happy with who you’re becoming then why worry about it. You already know you’ll be okay no matter what happens.

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