Life Update – PB

Hey guys! This week I’m taking a break from the New Beginnings series to do this blog post instead. I haven’t really talked about my own life and skating in awhile on here, so I thought it would be nice to put in an update. 

The major piece of news I have is that I took my first Moves In The Field test (MIF) and passed! I’ve been wanting to take my testing for awhile and finally took the chance to do the first one. Next my new coach and I are working on a testing program ( to Love and War by Fleurie ) to test with, as well as practicing my next few MIF tests. I hope to get through with these as soon as I can. I’ve also been working on my axel consistently and have seen some good progress, so that makes me very excided! 

As for my life outside of skating… Its gotten a lot more free. Now that  I’m on summer & out of school I have more time to focus on my own aspirations.

I’ve started developing and planning some exiting things for the future! I can’t wait to share those ideas with you when they’re ready. But in the mean time I’ve also picked up some of my old hobbies with my spare time. One such hobby is baking. I love to cook and have the opportunity to do it all the time. However, baking isn’t something I do a lot, although I love it. I just didn’t have the time or reason to. I’ve begun baking more and although I still don’t really have a reason to (special occasion, party, treat myself, etc.) I’ve become okay with that. I’m beginning to understand that not everything needs a reason or a justification if it gives you joy and relaxation for a moment. My most recent bake was apple cinnamon bagels, And they were delicious. Another hobby is art: Drawing, doodling, DIY crafts, flower pressing arrangements, and poetry. 

This has been my life recently. Doing what I love and aiming straight ahead for my goals. Down bellow is a photo gallery with photos of the bagels and other activities in my life. 

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