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New Beginnings- Why you should try learning new skills and hobbies

Hint: It can be fun!

Have you ever heard the stories where professional athletes end their careers and retire, but afterward they have no idea what to do? They’re lost. This is partially why developing new skills and hobbies is important. Sometimes we let one worldly thing define us as a person, and it doesn’t just happen to professionals. We can all get wrapped up in what we think defines us. So, today’s blog post is on why you should develop new skills and hobbies. There are multiple reasons to do this. However, I want to clarify before we start that developing new skills and hobbies shouldn’t distract you from your goals and main purpose. It doesn’t matter what that main purpose is but once you know it: stay focused on it. Developing new skills and hobbies is to help you along the way, not pull you in 100 different directions.

That being said, It’s very easy to fall into the trap of being so focused on one thing that it becomes your sole personality. We’re told that’s just passion, and while being focused and loving something is a part of being passionate it becomes an issue when it turns into obsession. When you block out everything else and idolize that “Passion”. We should continue to grow our talents in different areas while pursuing our purpose and passion. Especially in today’s day and age having multiple skills is extremely needed. Becoming a creative is useful. As a content creator, figure skater, and writer, I need multiple skills to find success in my endeavors. I have to be able to edit video footage and photos, write creatively and engage the reader, design posts and know when to post/ how much, develop my skills in skating, off-ice, Website building and maintenance, and develop my mentality and knowledge continuously to help my audience and myself in our journeys, plus many more. So what’s my point? Is it to just show off? No. I value these skills and use them all the time to chase my goals. Developing new skills always comes in handy. Being diversified in your interests and corresponding skills adds a layer of possible opportunities to your life. It helps you find good doors to open.

But what about hobbies that don’t directly help you chase your goals? I say they absolutely do help you chase your goals. They keep you refreshed and mentally replenished. Resting is important for progress. Taking a breather to practice something every once in a while, that’s not related to your main goals and dreams, is restful. Therefore, baking (one of my hobbies not related to my goals) is a helpful skill because it helps me to rest. Along with tons of other possible hobbies.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself: What are your favorite hobbies? Have you developed any new skills lately? What can you do to better your life? What can you choose to add? Why did you choose these skills?

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