New Beginnings – Where’s your focus?

What's driving you?

Are you focused? If so on what? Is it really important? These questions are what lead us in all sorts of different directions in our lives. They help us make decisions and point us down different paths. If you keep finding yourself on the wrong path ask yourself where your focus is. What we focus on guides our decisions whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. Today I want everyone reading this (I am too) to ask themselves honestly, am I focused on what’s important? A good question that follows this one is: Am I too focused on something? Am I focused on my goals and the person I want to be, am I present in my own life, or am I focusing on the past, resentment and hatred, somebody else’s success or failures? Part of a New Beginning is the process of changing your focus.

In order to grasp a new beginning we need to focus on where we want to go, whom we want to be, and the emotions we want to feed or starve, how we want to think. If we can’t change our focus for the better we’ll end up in the same spot our last “new beginning” ended. It’ll continue to loop until you can change your focus, your path, and your way of making decisions.

You can not change your life without changing yourself.

Focus on what matters. The past and fleeting emotions aren’t stable to base your thoughts on. Anger breeds more pain and loneliness. Sadness breeds more sadness. Fear breeds a multitude of different negative responses. Meanwhile, joy and gratitude breed happiness and a more meaningful life. So which ones do you want?

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