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New Beginnings – You should be a noob!!

Have you ever quit something because you started it expecting to be better at it than you were or for it to be easier? Have you ever stopped pursuing something you cared about because you were scared of being a “noob” or embarrassing yourself? If so today’s blog post is for you. I’m sure you already know everybody has to start somewhere. And I’m sure you’ve heard that you have to fail before truly succeeding. Today’s post isn’t to tell you what you already know, it’s to re-enforce and encourage you in this journey. New Beginnings are hard. They’re scary and frustrating. That’s okay, you’ll be fine as long as you keep pushing forward. If you give up just because you didn’t want to be a noob that’s where you really fail.

I know as a kid I did this a lot, even throughout all of middle school, and probably still do from time to time. I tried soccer and got worried about the kids around me judging me, so I quit. The same thing with writing (at first, I started it again later in life), roller hockey, cross country, painting, and I’m sure there’s more I forgot about. As a kid, I was absolutely terrified of failure and judgment. I wasn’t very social and cared too much for what others thought. I’m sure my ego and need for validation is a common thing with children. I’ve seen it a lot being an intern coach at my rink’s skating school and volunteering at my church’s Sunday school. However, it’s something we need to grow out of. We need to leave it behind or we’ll be stuck where we’re at forever. Imagine what I could have accomplished in any one of those hobbies if I stuck to it. If I learned how to deal with being a noob sooner. So, have you grown out of this fear yet? Are you willing to fight with it in order to progress?

Everybody sucks when they first start. It’s okay, take joy in the opportunities in front of you! You have so much to learn and so much left to do. Instead of focusing on where you’re at now in a negative light, why not focus on how far you might be able to go? Just food for thought. Let me know what you think and what you’re allowing yourself to suck at right now.

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