Christmas Extravaganza Performance 2022

My Experience & What I've Learned From It

Hey guys! Welcome to another blog post, today I’m just going to talk about the Christmas show and everything I’m feeling, learning, and experiencing from it!

I had a lot of fun. This show had a few firsts for me. It was the first group performance I’ve ever been in, as well as the first time I’ve performed under my new coach(s). I can’t begin to describe how unique and inspiring the group program was. I already knew everyone else involved but I feel as though I got to see them in a new light and grow a sense of community with these people. It was absolutely electrifying to work with new elements and props. My favorite prop was the flags! I loved how mesmerizing they looked and how strong they made me feel… almost like wielding a sword… or not(maybe I’m reading too much fantasy). But the same excitement was there, and feeling my team’s excitement alongside mine was a beautiful experience. I’ly be remembering this one for a while.

Now on to my solo performance. I fell but still got the best performance award. I was also the only skater in my event. But a win is a win, even if it’s by default. To be completely honest, the fall did disappoint me a lot because I wasn’t able to show off the choreography I made as well as I could’ve plus how much I’ve worked on my program and that spiral. However, I am proud of my performance because of the work I put into it and the new level of confidence I had going out there. I finished my program and the choreography was still beautiful even if it had a hole. I’m glad I was able to continue skating and got up quickly. I had so much fun despite my mistake and am so grateful for all the support I had. I was a bit nervous being put on by my new coaches for the first time, but that quickly turned into excitement with their support and encouragement.

One more thing that happened at this show, that surprised me a lot, was that some of the skating school students I help teach had a group performance on the same warm-up ice as my group performance. They were all excited and happy to see me and just had a ton of energy. I ended up giving a few of them high-fives and wishing them luck. One little girl, around 5 or 6 yrs old, told me alllllllll about the PJs she was wearing as her costume. It was adorable! I guess the point of this is just that I didn’t realize how much I mattered to those kids. It was endearing and uplifting to know I was able to touch the hearts of these kids somehow, and that they would want to spend their time talking to me. I was in a little bit of shock. Some of the older kids watched my solo performance before this one and were so kind, encouraging, and so very sweet. You never know who you’re affecting and making a difference to. It made me feel like what I was choosing to do with my life mattered. It validated why I wanted to coach in the first place: to not only teach what I love to others but to uplift and bring joy to them along the way.

Anyways, the Christmas Extravaganza was overall really good. It had its ups and downs but plateaued into a lovely memory.

Videos of each performance are linked bellow!!!


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